Ahn Trio

A contemporary take on the piano trio


Hi visitors to my page!

I will be teaching again at Mark O'Connor's Fiddle Camp next summer (6/27 - 7/1, 2011) www.markoconnor.com. I taught at Mark's TN camp this past summer, and had the best time. Being surrounded by geniuses like Mark, Bruce (Molsky), Tracy (Silverman), and all the other great fiddle players is so inspiring. Next summer Mark will be moving his NYC camp to Berklee College of Music, in Boston. I've always been a huge fan of Matt Glaser so I'm super excited about this location! I hope you all come study with me! Speaking of teaching, I'm now teaching violin and viola at Montana State University. It's in Bozeman, MT, a spectacularly beautiful place. If you're interested in studying music and at the same time being able to do outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, camping, skiing, fishing, hunting, etc...) this is the place for you!

Recently, I had the great pleasure of playing with the String Orchestra of Rockies www.sormt.org/ , a small conductorless group based in Missoula. We performed a really fun program of Vivaldi and Piazzolla's Summers and included my good friend Kenji Bunch's "String Circle". It was a real treat to work with these wonderful, passionate musicians!  

Another recent collaboration was with with Stuart Weber, a beautiful Montana-based guitarist. I guested on his episode of "11th and Grant with Eric Funk", a Montana PBS show. Not only was playing with solo guitar a really satisfying musical experience, I've made a new friend and we're planning more collaborations! www.stuartweber.com/

My sisters and I started our season doing our Braziliahn program at Notre Dame. The Leighton Concert Hall at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center is one of the best halls we've played in. It's absolutely beautiful and has perfect acoustics. It was such a great way to start our season filled with so many fun dates - we'll be going to Canada and all over the U.S., also back to Turkey and to Chile for the first time! We'll also be performing at TED:Ideas worth spreading in D.C. in December www.ted.com/. We have a new collaboration we're very excited about! It's with the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and we'll be performing with them for many days in NYC. We're really looking forward to all of it!  

Remember when we premiered the first Nikolai Kapustin Trio? And he said that was his first and last piano trio? Well Kapustin wrote another piece for us! We're doing the premiere in February at Eastern Illinois University. Doudna Fine Arts Center at EIU is spectacular! All the walls in the Dvorak Concert Hall are copper. We've never seen an auditorium quite like it. We can't wait to go back to EIU and play in the stunning hall again.

My sisters are coming to Bozeman, MT to play with the Montana State University Symphony in January. We'll be playing "March of the Gipsy Fiddler", this awesome piece that Mark O'Connor wrote for us. I can't wait! We'll also be doing a fund-raiser concert in Bozeman and will have a very special guest, Jeni Fleming join us www.jenifleming.com. You should check out her singing! She is absolutely gorgeous, in every way.  

I know it's been awhile... I've been running around like crazy! Playing with my sisters, teaching at Montana State University, doing a solo project here and there... I love being busy, but sometimes I'm not sure where I am. But I'm having lots of fun! Talk to you soon!