Ahn Trio

A contemporary take on the piano trio


Alright, it's true that becoming a sister group was not the biggest dream for me. We all grew up in the same house learning all these instruments, so we just started playing Mozart and Haydn trios when we were really young. Then, when we were teenagers, we performed the Beethoven triple concerto all the time. I remember having these huge, knock-down fights and one of us walking out right before some of our most important rehearsals. But, miraculously, we managed never to cancel any of our concerts! 

I am going to answer some of your popular questions here:

Favorite piece:
 Pat Metheny's 'Yu Ryung', both written especially for us. 

Favorite tour:
Opening for the Colors of Ostrava Festival with Tatabojs was fantastic, it was exhilarating to play to 10,000 screaming people.  And David Byrne closed the festival so we got to meet him! 
Touring China was also an unforgettable experience, especially when I had a chance to hold a baby panda in my arms, and walking on the Great Wall Of China. 

Favorite pianists:
Glenn Gould, Marth Argerich, Radu Lupu, Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau. 

Favorite states:
We have performed in all 50 states, my favorites are Hawaii and Alaska, my recent favorite city in Alaska is Haines. 

Favorite piano:
Hamburg Steinway 

Favorite concerts:
We played at the I Tunes Festival in London, we were the only classical music group invited to perform there! I got a break when Michael Nyman came on stage, he performed the music that he had written for us with my sisters, that was great! 
I went to see Keith Jarrett play at Carnegie Hall, the sounds he was creating with the piano was brilliant, I have never known another pianist who can do what he does, it was so inspiring. 

Favorite sister:
Yeah, right! 

Our mom's favorite album:
Lullaby For My Favorite Insomniac, she is our favorite insomniac and testifies that it really works!